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Happy liberation from Matt's people day!

Kids, have yourself a wonderul 4th and be safe! Try not to light Any Brits on fire. Thye might have poor hygiene and a lack of dental care but they aren't as flammable as you think!

Also, I just have to affirm that people are really stupid when it comes to this holiday. Thousands of people driving all this way thinking that they are going to see fireworks when our city is policing for them today. Hooray for dumbasses!
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Is this thing still on?

Greetings from my far too expensive iPhone! Managed to take some time away from the hustle and bustle of my busy vacation to say hello to everyone who might still be out there and wish you all a happy American Liberation day!

Still waiting to hear from some of you via e-mail, so don't think I forgot or anything!
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*blows dust off of the ol' LJ*

Hi there, remember me? I used to post here pretty often about the most inane stuff, some of you might have forgotten and I totally understand that. Anyway, I decided it was time to do something with my website, really make it into something a little more interactive. So, I have changed it to a blog now. Yes, I am cheating.

If you all want to see what it is like, come on over. Here or Here for what I am working on. Right now, not a lot of the comments are turned on but one day... maybe.

I might post here from time to time to make sure you are all still alive and my e-mail is still the same. If I never gave it to you, send me a message and I will give it on over.

remember, I adore you all no matter how long I stay silent!

Hi there

So yeah, not sure what to post here, just saying that I am still here and picking here and there with what I am reading.

I think i am sort of in the same camp with John Marco, he feels that a blog should be somewhat productive and while he is an author and he can write the word "spam" fifty times over and his fans would love it, I am just someone here on the west coast who fears for the next few months of existence.

Oh well, like I said, I am here. Taking up space, as per usual... heh

Here's to you...

A thanks for sticking around and reading every once in a while.

I am thinking about closing up shop here and moving on, I think I have ran out of relevant things to post about and I am good for a random comment every once in a while which might or might not be a good thing, who knows?

You will all know in 24 hours what will happen.
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A growth industry, Evil


As per a challenge for science, I have already conducted one half of this experiment. I am waiting to get in touch with out other guinea pig subject. This is cut for size and to protect those who might not enjoy a "donut burger".

Collapse )

This was an interesting experiment, I can tell you that much. The combination of the two flavors was an interesting issue, the salty meaty taste mixed in with the sweet deep fried goodness, it made things... Interesting.

I did not throw up. I DID, however, have some "minor intestinal discomfort", AKA destroying the work bathroom to the point that everyone fled in tears, wretching loudly. That poor bathroom wasn't the same since.

I will update you with the second half of this experiment.

PlayStation Home

Yet another Beta (this time open to the public) and I have to say that I am totally unimpressed. This isn't like the Mii where your little Mii can end up in games. This isn't even like the 360Avatar, where it is a feeble attempt to BE a Mii...

No, Home is just... blah. Lots of loading, lots of waiting, lots of dumbasses who keep doing dumb things. Everything I hate about MMO's is Home, plain and simple.

$600 for a high end piece of equipment, plays all of the back catalog from Sony, purrs like a friggin kitten and it gets... shit on (excuse my language).

All of the sudden I see Sega flashing before my eyes...

Matt has given in

I have played my first OFFICIAL MMO. I have always hated the concept of MMO's because it means that I have to rely on people to get things accomplished and I generally can't stand that position.

However, I signed up for the closed beta for the latest Shin Megami Tensai: Imagine MMO. Cool, it was one of the few that I would have actually broken down and played and I got a beta for it.

Downloaded it, went through the whole thing of not knowing what the hell is going on, figured it out later, got through being trained (TWICE) by the game and made it to the open world. And that is where I had to interact with people. And watch as I had to try and harvest a fairy.

Now, you would think that a fairy wouldn't be so tough, it is just a GD fairy. Go out there, talk to them (like in the single player games) and try to get them to join you so you can summon them. No, the camera angles blow, the fairies run off and wait for you to chase them and if you don't get to them in time, they attack.

Sort of like my lovelife.

After I beat ten fairies and couldn't get one of them to join, I just signed off. I might give it a try tomorrow and see what I can do but this was another aspect that I couldn't really digest for MMO's, the grinding.

Love me some MegaTen though... This will be a tough decision!
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So... uhh....

Hi. I haven't posted in a while, it has been really strange and off the last few weeks. Nothing critical, just... eh? Who knows...

I am still alive! If I lost any of ya, I am sorry! I might have something later though!

OWWW! Stop kicking me, I said I was alive!